Danny Wallace




Big Brother's Big Quiz (participant)

Mesmerized (unaired pilot)

School's Out

Test the Nation

World's Strongest Man (commentator)


BBC producer who provoked the bet that shot Dave Gorman (number 1) to fame. He, too, then joined the "Do something silly then charge folks £6.99 to read all about it" brigade, although cleverly Wallace's adventures tend to involve less travelling than Gorman's - more Saying Hello to 100 Tall Grandmothers in the Street rather than Around Cities Ending in Q on a Yak.

He is the King of his own country called Lovely (his flat), the only fully double-glazed country in the world.


We remember when he used to write for computer magazines. Erm, that's it really. Oh, and he used to be the webmaster for the BBC's Comedy site.

One of his books, Yes Man, was made into a hit movie starring Jim Carrey. Well, sort of; the title and premise are the same and Wallace got a credit on the film (and a brief cameo role too), though the story is almost completely different.

He won The National Lottery Big 7.

Books / Tapes

Join me

Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe

Random Acts of Kindness

Yes Man


c/o Karushi Management Limited, 17 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8PD

Danny can also be contacted through his website (see below).

Web links

Official website

Danny Wallace page at Karushi Management

Wikipedia entry


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