Even Better Than The Real Thing



Paddy McGuinness


BBC Studios for BBC One, 16 September and 23 December 2017


A series of occasional Saturday night specials where tribute acts go head to head.

From the show's website:

"Five of the world's greatest tribute acts go head to head in this one-off special hosted by Paddy McGuinness. The five acts pay tribute to music legends [in the first episode, these were] Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, George Michael, Little Mix and Whitney Houston.

The acts each perform one of the most iconic songs originally made famous by their artist, before the studio audience choose their favourite three to perform again. This time they pull out all the stops with a very special collaboration, where they are joined on stage by another tribute artist paying homage to an iconic music legend.

After the duets round, the studio audience vote again for their favourite act of the night, and that act is crowned the winner."


16 September 2017: Belinda Davids, as Whitney Houston
23 December 2017: Eshan, as Michael Jackson


The title may well be an allusion to the U2 song.

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