Mark Little


LWT for Channel 5, 18 May to 22 June 2000 (6 episodes in 1 series)


So, it's hosted by Mark Little. Funnily enough, if we were to give this show a rating between one and ten, that's what we'd probably do.

This, my friends, is actually a new 'adultified' version of Channel 5 'hit' Can We Still be Friends?, where two pairs of ex's co-operate/fight like buggery to win the big prize.

Three rounds lie in wait for our totally suspecting victims. Round One is Imperfect Match, basically Mr and Mrs (ironically) with revealing and, yes! saucy questions such as "What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done in bed" and suchlike. Yep, it's late night Channel 5 alright and there's no escaping it.

Round Two is a bit more interesting, Talking Dirty, or The Pyramid Game with added genitals. One person sits back to 'The Orifice' - the video wall, whilst the other person can see what's on the wall. Funnily, it will refer to information about their sex lives that's been revealed to the researchers before the show. The players swap after each one has been guessed and they get 90 seconds to get as much as they possibly can.

At this point, the exes who are losing have, in fact, lost and go home. But the winners (if you can call them that) now play against each other. Yep, but let's be honest, these things are always funniest when they're at their most bitchy, aren't they? Of course they are.

Round 3, entitled Fill the Hole is a bit like Blankety Blank meets Blind Date goes porno. One person says something on film but with some vital words missing. This anecdote can be funny, disgusting, cute, dirty, nice, bad... you get the idea. Anyway, the other player is invited to 'fill the hole' as it were with what they think was said. spot on gets three points, close gets two, being in the right area scores one and 'bugger all for bugger all', apparently. And they get two cracks each.

And finally there are the prizes. Yep, the winner of Fill the Hole gets a choice of three prizes: a nice one (A DVD player or some such), a holiday away (the catch being it's with their ex) or a forfeit. Now of course, it would be boring if they chose the prize because they would always go for the good one, wouldn't they? Of course they would, so hurrah for one final twist of the knife because the losing ex gets to choose the prize. A completely predictable twist, but a good one.

And that is that apart from one or two things we'd like to point out. The contrast in style between this version and the Can We Still Be Friends original is that Mark, although having a lot of energy and being very quick witted, is so blasé about the whole thing it's less embarrassing. This makes it very much more watchable but perhaps that doesn't take the premise to heart as well. Also, the lack of different rounds seems a bit of a cop off. I mean cop out. On the upside, at least the presentation is miles better, and there's no annoying music clips.

So Channel 5 promote arguing and divorce again in what is known in some circles as the Jerry Springer of game shows. Probably better that way though because if they tried happiness the marriage would be fine but the reception would probably be terrible (Arf!).


Based on the original format by John Maloney.

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