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Peter Martyn (1954-55)

Leslie Mitchell (1955)

Kenneth Horne (1955-56)


BBC Television Service, 17 August 1954 to 24 November 1956


A game in which the panel were invited to find the link between two people in the studio.


Leslie Mitchell was initially brought in to cover when Peter Martyn fell ill in February 1955, and stayed on when Martyn died. He left the BBC in June to become Head of Presentation at Associated-Rediffusion, at which point the show took a short break, returning the following month with regular panellist Kenneth Horne promoted to host.

This was the last of a series of panel game pilots broadcast in the summer of 1954. The others were, in order: Music, Music, Music!, Ask Your Dad, Change Partners, It's a Mystery, Once Upon a Time, One of the Family and Tall Story Club. As one of the three most popular (however they measured that), it returned for a second edition at the end of the run before going to a full series.

Speaking in 2005, Denis Norden recalled looking at Frank Muir and wondering why their parents had paid for a private education if this was the highlight.

See also

Only Connect - Radio 4's attempt at reviving the game in the 1990s.


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