Five Star Hotel



Narrator: Russell Kane


Little Gem, TwoFour and Motion Content Group for E4, 12 to 30 March 2018 (15 episodes in 1 series)


A group of five E4 celebrities take over a hotel. Across three weeks, they'll arrange entertaining activities, attend to the guests' every need, and wait on them hand and foot. Want a stag party on a yacht? All part of the service.

Feedback from hotel guests, and observations by hotel manager Mario Armani, help to determine good and bad performers. The worst player leaves at the end of each week, and the best after three weeks wins the prize.

The show centres around a pun: a "five star" hotel is of exceptionally high quality, and it's staffed by five stars of entertainment. And guests rate the staff from one to five stars. Ho ho. See what they did there? Stars as a rating of quality, and stars... oh. You got it.

These celebrities have become famous because they've made and maintained certain roles, and they do nothing to threaten their crafted images. We will see Joey Essex doing almost everything right, but making one colossal blunder with hilarious consequences. We will see Spencer Matthews acting as the alpha male and getting taken to hospital. All a bit predictable. The focus is on the contestants, we're not to enjoy the activities along with the holidaymakers.

At times, it's a bit like Coach Trip with emphasis on the guides not the tourists; at times, it's a bit like Love Island with a glorious pool and late-night antics. The show was stripped across three weeks at 10pm, with plenty of bawdy humour and references to sex.


Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea, Lydia Bright and Joey Essex from The Only Way is Essex, Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore, and Ashley Cain from Ex on the Beach.

Theme music

David Sugar


Filmed at the Relux hotel in Ios, Greece. It's a four-star boutique hotel with 17 rooms. Filming took place in early autumn 2017; the show was originally scheduled for later that autumn.

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