Food and Drink Christmas Quiz



Chris Kelly


Michael Barry, Oz Clarke, Jilly Goolden (team captains)


Bazal for BBC2, 16 December 1986 to 21 December 1993 (7 specials)

as Food and Drink Summer Quiz: 14 July to 18 August 1987 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Unsurprisingly, a quiz spin-off from BBC2's popular food and drink show, Food and Drink. The regulars guess what unusual utensils are for, identify exotic wines, carry out cooking-related tasks against the clock in a Generation Game stylee and generally show off their knowledge of food and, naturally enough, drink. Does this need any more explanation? Only if anyone reading this can actually remember enough to supply some.


We reckon this was the first game show to be produced by Peter Bazalgette's then-tiny Bazal Productions. Nowadays the company is known as Endemol UK, and Peter is one of the most powerful TV executives in the land, responsible for a bewildering array of shows ranging from Ready Steady Cook to Big Brother. From little oaks do acorns and whatnot...


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