General Knowledge Bee



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BBC Radio and Television, 1930s/40s


More of a generic term for a whole range of quiz programmes aired by the BBC, back when schedules were put together along the lines of a theatrical revue and many programmes simply had descriptions rather than proper titles. A Junior General Knowledge Bee was broadcast on the fledgling BBC Television service on 15 October 1938.

Radio broadcasts known to us are as follows:

  • 19 April 1938: Children's Yorkshire v Lancashire General Knowledge Bee (North)
  • 27 July 1938: General Knowledge Bee for Motorists (North)
  • 17 October 1938: Bangor v Caernarvon (Wales)
  • 6 December 1938: Wales v Ireland (Wales) - hosts Eric Boden and Elwyn Evans
  • 3 February 1939: North Wales v South Wales (Wales)
  • 14 February 1939: Wales v Ireland (return match) (Wales) - hosts Eric Boden and Elwyn Evans (co-production with Radio Eireann)
  • 24 February 1939: Four colleges of the University of Wales - host Elwyn Evans
  • 16 March 1939: Wales v Scotland (Wales and Scotland) - hosts Elwyn Evans and Keith Murray
  • 21 March 1939: General Knowledge Bee for the Countryman: Antrim v Down (Northern Ireland)
  • 27 April 1939: Cystadleuaeth Gwybodg (Wales)
  • 18 May 1939: Aberdeen v Bangor - hosts Elwyn Evans and Tom Dawson
  • 7 June 1939: General Knowledge Bee for the Countryman: Derry v Tyrone (Northern Ireland) - host Peter Fitzpatrick
  • 19 August 1939: A General Knowledge Bee: Men v Women (National)

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