Justin Fletcher


Rod Arthur


BBC Studios for Cbeebies, 28 October 2019 to present


First there was Gigglebiz, a sketch show for the very young. The slapstick humour works for the children, and there's something for the parents in the room to laugh along. A huge success, has run for ten years, won Children's BAFTA awards. Made a star out of Justin Fletcher, who performs all of the characters.

The show was popular enough to spawn a spin-off quiz. GiggleQuiz sees Justin Fletcher adopt the guise of quiz show host as he guides his familiar Gigglebiz characters through a series of quiz rounds.

Using archive footage, viewers at home will be able to play along with their favourite characters with 'What Happened Next?' and 'Spot the Difference' as Nana Knickerbocker, Arthur Sleep, Dina Lady and a host of others compete for points.

Remember, people who are old enough to read, this show is intended for three-year-olds, so don't expect too many difficult questions.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


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