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What can we say about Gillian McKeith that isn't potentially defamatory? Well, she was born in September 1959 in Perth, Scotland, and wrote a number of books on the subject of nutrition. This led to the television series You Are What You Eat (2004-7 on Channel 4), where she changed people's diets by shouting at them and pointing at their faeces. A competitive version of this format was made in 2007. It emerged around this time that McKeith was not a qualified medical practitioner and that her Ph.D. was not from a recognised academic institution; as a result of these revelations, she ceased to describe herself as "Dr. McKeith", because she is not a doctor.


A much more civilised version of You Are What You Eat aired on Channel 5 in 2022 with Britain's Psychic Challenge host Trisha Goddard and - hallelujah - an actual doctor, Amir Khan.

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Wikipedia entry on Gillian McKeith debunking everything she stands for. And that's from a neutral point of view!


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