Guess My Story



Peter West


Resident panelists: Michael Pertwee (all series), Helen Cherry (1953-4), Pat Kirkwood (1953-4), Eunice Gayson (1954-5), Jack Train (1954), Rikki Fulton (1955), Elizabeth Allan (1955)


BBC-tv, 30 July 1953 to 19 June 1955 (37 episodes in 3 series)


Game in which someone with a connection to a recent news story was brought on and the panellists were asked to work out who they were, very much in the manner of What's My Line?. The similarity is of course not coincidental as this was one of many (and indeed one of the more successful) attempts to recreate the success of Line.


According to The Guardian, 29 July 1953: "The inventor of the game is Mr William Taylor, a local government official, of Southwark."


Two days later, The Guardian reviewed the first broadcast, their un-named Radio Critic's view being summed up in the headline "New TV Game Dull, But Inoffensive".


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