Guilty Party



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Regular panellists: John Arlott, F.R. Buckley, Robert Fabian

Regular actors: Jon Farrell as "Private Detective Joe McCready" and Hamilton Dyce as "Inspector Galloway"


BBC Home Service (Light Programme from 1957), 19 February 1954 to 9 October 1962

BBC-tv (2 one-offs), 23 November 1956 and 1957


"A problem in crime detection". Each episode started with a short crime play, written by Edward J. Mason. Then the three regular panellists got to "cross-examine" the characters in an attempt to name the guilty party.

A second TV episode was broadcast in 1957 with the panel replaced by John Dickson Carr, the famous crime writer.


Edward J. Mason and Tony Shryane

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Foul Play was a similar format, played more for laughs.

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Radio episode list

Hear "The Gamblers" from 1960

Hear "The Case of the Empty Chimney" from 1962


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