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Dickie Davies


Southern (regional), 16 September 1959 to 1966 (10 series)


World of Sport smoothie Dickie Davies (known at Southern as Richard Davies) switches from the continuity studio to this early regional talent show. Winners were decided by public vote (on postcards) and recieved £25 and an entry to the grand final.


Judges for the 1962 grand final: David Jacobs, Joyce Blair and Dorita & Pepe. Who? You might well ask. Dorita y Pepe (oh yes) were a duo from London, real names Dorothy (trained opera singer) and Peter (former ukulele artiste), who specialized in South American folk music and were apparently quite popular in Argentina in the sixties. They even represented Argentina in international competitions. None of which explains what they were doing on this show, admittedly.


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