House Sitters



Emma B (the DJ, not the model) (voice over)


Shine UK for Sky One, 24 February to 21 March 2003 (20 episodes in 1 series)


An odd programme, this one. Five young Brits went around the world (Croatia, Morocco, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka) in four weeks. Rather than staying in hotels, they spent their time in someone else's house, hence the name.

As well as the footage of the contestants having a good time, having arguments, and seeing the sights, each day contained some sort of challenge. The games fell into four categories - find your way around the place, a bit of song and dance, a bit of cookery, and something more physical. The worst performance over the week went straight home, everyone else flew on to the next destination. The ultimate winner went on to a holiday in the Caribbean.

Though dressed up as a beer-and-skin documentary, and featuring some explosive moments that tried to imitate Big Brother, the heart of this programme was an arts and culture show. On daytime Sky One. It happened, but only the once.

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