Jonathan Coleman


Reg Grundy Productions for BBC1, 3 to 17 June 1991 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Imagine, if you will, that you are the BBC and that you feel your daytime schedule is incomplete without a response to the gold standard in daytime music quizzes, Keynotes. What better solution than to press the Grundy button, for it must surely take a Grundy to beat a Grundy? Sadly this smacked of ideas taken from the bottom of the barrel once the mighty 'notes had skimmed from the top. The gameplay eludes us - possibly for the better - except that teams of two competed, comprised of one "dinger" and one "singer", there was a rainbow-coloured scoring system and you gained colours for humming along to tunes.

The top prize - a personal CD player. Er, woo.

Key moments

Jon"o" randomly enlivening proceedings by inserting impersonations of the Robot from Lost In Space ("Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!", complete with flappy arm motions) for no apparent reason other than joie de vivre.


One of two shows that appeared in the 1.50pm slot occupied by Going for Gold during the summer of 1991. The other being Who's Bluffing Who?.


Highlights from an episode showing us a good example of how NOT to clone your own success.


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