Knock Knock



Steve Colman


Peter Simon

Sophie Aldred (1989)


BBC Newcastle for BBC1, 19 February 1988 to 12 May 1989 (24 episodes in 2 series)


Who-am-I based quiz for kids set in a mocked up street.

First round would see eight kids face off next to some traffic lights. Answering two questions correctly would turn the light from red to amber to green and they were through to the game proper.

The kids would sit on bikes with bells, hooters or klaxons to buzz in with, a different noise for each contestant. The host would read out clues pertaining to a thing, meanwhile a parking meter ticked away the points, and the kid who buzzed in first would come up to the big door and knock twice on it. The faster the kid got it, the more points they won, but ringing in with the wrong answer meant that a "quack quack" sound was heard and they would be thrown a bag of rubbish (double drongo, the host would call it), which they would have to take to the skip and sit in it for the rest of the question. Being sent to the skip three times meant elimination from the game. The thing being described would usually appear behind the large red door in the middle of the "street", either in chromakey form or Peter Simon dressing up.

The winner got to play the endgame where they had to find things hidden behind doors around the street with the clues provided.


Steve Colman would start the show with, "Welcome to Knock Knock", then the audience would yell, "Who's there?" to which he'd reply, "Me here, with you there". Just as well that he didn't use it as an excuse to tell lots of feeble 'knock knock' jokes.

"It's a bag of rubbish - double drongo".


John Palmer


A 1988 episode


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