Nicholas Parsons


Scottish Television for Galaxy, 30 April to 28 September 1990 (65 episodes in 1 series)


Comedy game where the first half of a rhyming couplet was supplied and comedians were challenged to complete the other half. The last words had to rhyme. The two contestants had to guess what the very last word of the poem would be to win money.

Complete this joke — and it's got to rhyme!

The daily winner took part in a "headline" round, rhyming the last word of a headline, for up to £250. Winner stayed on to the next show.

Despite a reasonably good viewer response, as new satellite channel programmes go, the programme wasn't recommissioned when BSB and Sky merged.


When piloted, the show was called Rhyme or Reason and had five comedians instead of four. The original five in the pilot were Sandi Toksvig, Jenny Eclair, Nick Revell, Tony Hawks and Mickey Hutton.

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