Let Me Entertain You (2)



Michael Underwood


STV Productions and GroupM Entertainment for ITV, 26 April to 7 June 2014 (6 episodes in 1 series)


The public send in videos via the ITV website to show off their talent, see themselves on the telly, and earn £200. A bit like You've Been Framed!, only with less falling over and more song 'n' dance.

There are also some segments that just about pass muster as game-ish. "The Pop Pod" travels the country, appearing in shopping centres. It tries to find the best impression of a certain singer or band - does Portsmouth have a better Freddie Mercury than Norwich?

For another part, two teams of workmates film videos for a famous song. They don't need to sing, just lip-sync and make an entertaining choreography. The viewers vote on the website to pick the winner.

And there's a hidden camera section: the producers rent a shop, kit it out as (for instance) an ice cream parlour, and promise free food to anyone who will be filmed singing a karaoke classic.

The lightest and frothiest of light entertainment programmes.


Nicky Taylor

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Dobs Vye

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