Love Me Do



Shane Richie


Announcer: Stuart Hall (1997)


Granada for ITV, 26 August 1995 to 30 August 1997 (pilot + 17 episodes in 2 series, 1995-6 as The Shane Richie Experience)


Three couples would play for the chance to get married anywhere they want on television. To do this they would have to play some stupid games and endure Shane Richie's singing. This last one alone was worth the prize in itself.

It started off like the US show The Newlywed Game with questions about each other, like "Where's the weirdest place you've ever made whoppee?" Yes, this was family entertainment kids. After this round there would be something where you had to try to guess who your partner was, by feeling his bum or something. After this round, tragically, one of the teams lost. Then Shane Richie would sing. Tragically.

Then there was another round where couples could win "a top prize for your bottom drawer", which sometimes had a dishwasher as a prize. So, a big bottom drawer, then. This would involve playing an "It's a Knockout" style game, usually dressing up as something stupid. Like a chicken. Then Shane Richie would sing, sometimes with a special guest.

Then the grand finale, "Down the Aisle", where the men were on the buzzers and women walked down a big cake if they got correct answers. If you reached the bottom first then you won and won a holiday and marriage ceremony somewhere nice. Ho hum.


The pilot (1995) and first series (1996) was called The Shane Richie Experience. It was quite an experience! The key difference was that it was even tackier, and you didn't get the nice holiday - you got married there and then in a makeshift hut made out of 4-by-2 around the back of the studio. This didn't go down too well with Joe and Joanne Public, hence the revamp to LMD.


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