Make Up Your Mind



David Jacobs


Granada for ITV, 10 May? 1956 to 8 September? 1958


A very basic version of The Price is Right. Contestants were asked to choose the more valuable between an object and a sum of money.

Sometimes the objects were very curious - on one occasion, a live leopard was used.


According to a review in the Manchester Guardian on 11 May 1956 :

Make Up Your Mind was one of the silliest give-away programmes yet; not only that but it was muddled and incompetent. Such was the confusion that at the end a Withington woman and her "adviser" from Rusholme were left in possession of a horse (yes, actually in the studio) which they did not seem to welcome, before they had got to the last two questions. Not that these two questions would have relieved them of the horse because apparently, in this programme, "winnings are keepings".

The following week, the same paper (and presumably the same critic, though they were anonymous) reported:

Granada's Make Up Your Mind was not so muddled as last time, but it remains a silly show with a tedium quite its own.


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