Jason Bradbury


Bravo, 19 November to ? 2001


Teams of computer geeks (for it are they!) battle over five challenges to try and earn 'creds', each round linked by some kind of tenuous storyline.

Rounds one and five are rounds played on First-Person Shooters played by the whole team, round three is normally some sort of flight simulator partaken by the team captain and rounds two and four are "hacker's challenges" where contestants put their hacking skills to the test. Winning these not only earnt themselves extra 'creds' but also gave some sort of small advantage in the round following, be it more fuel, extra lives or whatever. Teams could spend their earnt creds on all manner of computer goodies.

And it was set in a bunker for obvious reasons.

Just don't ask us what type of magazine we got this photo from, OK?


Jason Bradbury


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