Mind Games (1)



Sean Pertwee


BBC Choice, 21 May to 11 June 2001


15-minute interactive game show, essentially a multi-coloured puzzle book on the telly with chill out choons in the background. The first few puzzles were easy and worth 5 points (you had to keep your own score), the last few were worth 15. There was also a "we'll tell you the answer next time" teaser to keep you hooked onto the next show. It was all voiced by the voice of a thousand adverts, actor Sean Pertwee.

Unfairly dumped out well past midnight for no good reason. Possibly as it wasn't a documentary about Jessica Simpson's Millions. Maybe worth a re-run on BBC Four?


Image:Mindgames coins.jpgHere's one for you...
File:Mindgames sequence.jpgFibonacci's still getting royalties off this one.
File:Mindgames fish.jpgWe can't even make out a swallow in that picture.
File:Mindgames scoringsystem.jpgHere's how to score your efforts.
File:Mindgames results.jpgWhat do points make? Motor racing analogies, apparently.


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