Moon and Stars



Rupert Moon


Chairman of judges: Mal Pope


HTV Wales (regional), 1998 to 1999 (2 series)


Nothing much to say on this except it was a bog-standard regional talent show on Sunday afternoons. 42 acts took part in the series with 6 outright winners (plus 2 of the best runners-up) competing in a live grand final (taking place about a couple of months after the heats) from the epicentre of important Welsh events that is...the Rhondda Heritage Park Hotel, near Pontypridd.

The champion of the first series was decided by a viewers' phone vote with the winner receiving a large cash prize (which somehow remained undisclosed) and a special trophy made via commission from HTV by Welsh Royal Crystal...whoever they are.

Incidentally, you may be interested to know that - apart from Jade Evans hopping over the border to win HTV West's The Talent Trial a few months later - we never did hear from the finalists and the winner ever again. It didn't stop the old Harlech people from doing a second series, mind.


For a daft reason that we should look into further, the grand final of the first series was shown several weeks after the last heat.

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