My Wildest Dream



"Peacemaker": Kenneth McLeod (May to September 1956), Roy Rich (September to December 1956), Paul Carpenter (1957)


Regular panellists: Tommy Trinder, David Nixon, Alfred Marks, Terry-Thomas, Eddie Gray (replaced David Nixon in 1957 series)


BBC Home Service, 3 October to ?, 1955

Granada for ITV, 8 May 1956 to 4 or 11 June 1957


One of Granada TV's first game shows (and their first to make it to air) and one of the earliest transitions of any programme from the BBC to ITV.

Four comedians/actors pitted their wits against each other to try and find out the 'wild dreams' of members of the public. Roy Rich, later to become a supremo at Southern Television, kept the peace between the panel and the public.

Three shows were recorded in an afternoon. Incidentally, the 'studio challengers' were paid £5 and expenses for appearing on the programme.


According to the Daily Telegraph's TV critic, "My Wildest Dream seems to prove that four comedians, each extremely funny in his own right, cancel out one another when they appear together." Regular panellist Terry-Thomas noted in his autobiography, "The critics were right. It was a terrible show."


Well, non-merchandise, actually. If you're trying to track down the VHS of this that various sites claim was released in 1994, don't bother. Unless you like the Tara King era of The Avengers, that is - because what's really on the tape is an episode of that series that happens to have the same title. However, at some point someone must have cut-and-pasted the wrong cast list, and then that got copied on other sites, and before you know it, the wrong info is all over the web. It's not even one of the better Avengers episodes.


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