National Geographic Geo-Genius



Juliet Morris


Granada for National Geographic, 15 October 2001 to 2004


Four contestants attempt to hike around the world in quiz form. There were some quite clever ideas at play here, and reminds us just a little bit of Worldwise.

The players took a predetermined route around the world (shown to us as a lovely 3D graphic and in the studio on some sort of prjection screen) and the questions asked would be based on the country or area the expedition currently was. Each correct answer moved the expedition to the next waypoint along the route, and earnt the person who answered it correctly 'miles'. At various points during the show, the person who has clocked up the least amount of miles (the straggler) is eliminated from the show.

Rounds are standard quiz fare (individual questions, questions against the clock, questions on the buzzer). The final round involved the final two racing back to home base, and is the point where they travel around the world individually rather than as a group, with contestants taking questions until they get one wrong, in which case control passes back to their opponent. If someone gets back to home base within the time limit then they automatically win whether or not they had clocked up more miles than their opponent or not, otherwise whoever has the most miles to their name at the end of the time wins, and wins the equivilent amount in Air Miles (at which point Juliet handily announces just one of the places you could go to with the amount earnt).

Winners of the first four days go through to Friday Final with a shot to winning the place in the grand final and winning a round the world holiday.


Claire Reed writes...

Hi there - I worked on Nat-Geo Genius and the 'earth' was a giant white inflatable beach ball type thing in the studio with the graphics projected onto it. The show was produced by Granada at Meridian in Southampton. Great fun to work on!


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