On Stage


Michael Bowen, Herbert Smith, Derek Newton, Jameson Clark, Alfred Arnold, Cliff Morgan, John Ellison, Bill Gavin, Alun Williams


As Theatre Quiz: BBC Home Service, 6 May 1961 to 20 March 1962 (at least 4 episodes)

BBC Home Service, 15 November 1962 to 19 December 1963


Children's quiz about theatre, cinema, radio, and television, though the venues were usually theatres (sometimes a school hall was pressed into service). The star prize was a visit to the film studios at Shepperton.

The show started out as an irregular series of self-contained contests under the name "Theatre Quiz" before adopting a knockout series structure and the title "On Stage". It was done in the Top of the Form style with teams in different locations, and separate questionmasters for each. Unlike TOTF, rather than sending hosts out across the country, they used local presenters from each region.


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