Passport Quiz



Bryan Burnett


Scottish Television (not networked), 26 February 1998 to 2003 (at least 150 episodes)


Travel quiz for families, with a holiday on offer for the winners.

Three pairs of contestants would use their knowledge of world geography in answering questions to gain passport miles and win spot prizes.

There were 5 rounds:

Round one: 90-second on the buzzer round with one person from each pair playing.

Round two: Each pair would watch a short video, and then had to answer 3 questions about the place/video they had just seen. One of the questions would always be to identify the place.

Round Three: Bargain Holiday: Each pair get told a holiday which could be bought that week in travel agents and had to pick the right one of three possible prices.

Round Four: Another video round, but with questions on the buzzer.

Round Five: Same as round one for double points, with the other person from each pair playing.

The winners played an endgame in which one half of the winning pair had to describe 7 different words related to holidays on a piece of card to their partner, and a 3-by-3 grid was gradually uncovered, revealing the prize holiday location.


This show was a spin-off of Scottish Passport, a popular long-running travel series which ran and ran until 2004.


Bryan Burnett himself, apparently.


That's TV Gold reran the series in early 2023.


The first six minutes or so of an episode


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