Pencil and Paper



Shaw Taylor


ATV for ITV, 28 June 1960 to 4 September 1962 (105 episodes in 2 series)


Shaw Taylor invites you at home to answer his questions in a manner not dissimilar to playing along with pencil and paper to Test the Nation forty-years later.

Reader Bob Turner writes: Pencil & Paper was filmed at ATV studios in Birmingham. The first half of the show was IQ type questions just for the viewers. The second half was a general knowledge quiz between teams from rival towns. I represented Eastbourne with two others in 1963. We were beaten by 1 point by Wolverhampton, but at the end of the season we were the second highest scorers. The show went out in the evening of the day of recording.


The captain of the aforementioned Wolverhampton team was the legendary crossword compiler Roger Squires.


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