Play Your Hunch



Alan Freeman


BBC-tv, 10 October 1961 to 18 April 1962


Billed as "the show to keep you guessing", this was the UK version of the 1958-vintage US quiz. Two married couples (returning champions and challengers) were invited to use observation and deduction to choose which of three options (X, Y or Z) was the correct solution to a given problem.

Usually, this involved other people of which only one was genuine, in a style similar to Tell the Truth. For example, three people would mime but only one was doing the actions involved in their genuine career. In other tests, the couples might have to guess the next line in a film, or match a recorded voice to the actual person.

Three points won the game, with a cash prize for each point won. If you guessed incorrectly, the other team got a chance to guess from the other two options. If both couples guessed wrongly, no points are scored and the challengers would take the money instead.


In America, the format was hosted by Mr. Jeopardy! himself, Merv Griffin. The then-unknown future movie star and director of Quiz Show, Robert Redford, once appeared as a contestant.

Theme music

The XYZ band were on hand to provide the accompaniment.


Devised by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman.


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