Pot Luck



Charlie Chester


BBC-tv (as part of The Charlie Chester Show), early 1950s to 1957

BBC-tv, 1957-9?


An audience participation item in Charlie Chester's TV variety show which holds the distinction of being the first show on British TV to give away prizes, albeit very small ones. A teapot would be passed around the studio audience while music played; whoever was holding it when the music stopped would then be invited up on stage to answer a few trivia questions, and would be rewarded with a token prize - those awarded in the early days included nylon tights, an electric iron, a lamp, and theatre tickets. Cash prizes of a few pounds were introduced later, probably around the same time that Double Your Money and Take Your Pick arrived on the scene with considerably larger jackpots.

The segment proved popular enough to be spun off into its own show - somewhat belatedly, as by that time ITV had stolen a march on the BBC with a raft of popular game shows offering big cash prizes.

Theme music

Sung by Chester himself: "Take pot luck, take pot luck, keep it moving or you'll get stuck..."


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