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As a service to producers, we can advertise contestant calls for your quiz and game shows on our Contestant Calls page.

How to place an advert

Step 1: pay the advertisement fee

We charge a one-off administrative fee of £50 to put up your advertisement, which we will use towards our server costs. The advert will stay on the site for up to 6 months or the closing date, whichever is the sooner.

Accepted adverts will be posted as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.

We accept payments by Paypal or credit card. Just click on the "Buy Now" button below to make your £50 payment, then return to this page to fill in the rest of the form below.

Step 2: submit your contestant call

Once you have paid the fee, you can submit your Contestant Call to us by completing the form below. If you have problems with this, you can also e-mail us your advert with a closing date to

Your name:*

Your company:*

Your e-mail:*

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Programme name:*
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Full text of advert:
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Closing date:*

Type of show:*
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Do you pay expenses for interviews?
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Do you pay expenses for the actual show?

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Where are interviews held (cities):*

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Click to submit:

Thank you for your advert. Contestant calls are posted at the discretion of, according to our Terms of Use.

Conditions of use

Please note the following terms and conditions:

Advertising rules:

  • We carry adverts for quizzes, game shows and similar light entertainment formats.
  • Please DO NOT write the advert in BLOCK CAPITALS. It makes it hard for us to format your advert correctly.
  • Please double-check that all the details (particularly contact details) are correct - we cannot guarantee immediate corrections. Please also ensure that the text of your advert includes a way for prospective contestants to respond - this sounds obvious but is easily overlooked.
  • Once posted online, adverts can be removed early at the advertiser's request but refunds are not possible under any circumstances.
  • We cannot accept adverts for productions that require the participants to pay a fee for their application or participation.

Producers must undertake to:

  • Give fair warning of any geographical, age or other pertinent restrictions on the types of contestants sought. For example, does it matter if a potential contestant has been on other game shows recently?
  • Use due diligence and courtesy when dealing with potential contestants at all times.
  • Be honest and truthful in their dealings with contestants, and treat our readers fairly. Producers may not use this page to advertise hoax programmes.

Media enquiries

You can write to us at

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