Sam and Mark's Geordie Challenge



Sam and Mark


Chris Johnson, Dan Antopolski (as The Dare Devil)


CBBC, 30 May 2014


Over May half-term in 2014, CBBC staged a roadshow at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead. The Thursday highlight was a live episode of Blue Peter. The Friday afternoon highlight was a variety show of pop performances, comedy skits, and viewer interaction.

The show was built around a bunch of games. Dan Antopolski as The Dare Devil introduced each challenge, and CBBC stars played them. Who is more easily frightened out of comedians Johnny and Inel? Is Radzi a better dancer than Blue Peter co-star Lindsey?

The winner of each challenge picked whether to be on Sam or Mark's team, for an end-of-programme tug of war. Viewers could send emails declaring their support for one side or the other, and the stars of spoof news programme DNN cheered for their preferred team.

As a game show, this didn't break new ground. As an event for CBBC, this was priceless: the hottest bands of the moment (5 Seconds of Summer and The Vamps), promotion for the channel's other shows (especially the Northumberland drama Wolfblood), and puppets Dodge and Hacker to entertain the younger viewers. We came away a feeling that CBBC is one massive family, all joining together for a big day.


Sam's team (Sam Nixon, Johnny Cochrane, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Lindsey Russell, Cel Spellman)

Victory is mine!

Key moments

Naomi Wilkinson is a wildlife expert, able to deal with many dangerous creatures. She cannot burst a balloon.

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