Scared of the Dark



Danny Dyer


Multistory Media for Channel 4, 16 to 20 April 2023 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Eight celebrities live in a pitch black bunker and must take on a series of challenges. If the dark gets too much for them, they must say "I’m Scared of The Dark" and they will be eliminated from the game.

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The celebrities were Paul Gascoigne, Scarlett Moffatt, Chris Eubank, Donna Preston, Chloe Burrows, Max George, Nicola Adams… and Chris McCausland, a comedian with retinitis pigmentosa, who can't see anything anyway... a casting choice that is either madness or genius.


We genuinely can't tell how confident Channel 4 were with this - the finale kicked an episode of Taskmaster back to 10:30, yet All 4 had it from its usual time at 9pm. So you're promoting Scared of the Dark as event television, but you want us to ignore that and stream your existing hit show instead? Interesting...

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