Sid Waddell




Extra Time (co-host)

House of Games (voiceover)

Indoor League (producer)

Red Alert (lottery caller)

Screen Test (director)


Although synonymous with his Geordie accent, Waddell was actually born in Alnwick, Northumberland (still in the North East, though!) He commentated on darts for donkeys' years, first for the BBC then moving to Sky. He was the original producer of The Indoor League, the first British TV programme to broadcast darts along with many other pub games.

He died on 11th August 2012, aged 72.


Around the same time as Indoor League began, Sid was the producer of YTV's nightly regional news show, Calendar, producing over 600 editions of the programme.

Waddell wrote the BBC Children's football-themed sitcom, Jossy's Giants. The series was based on his son Daniel's experience of joining a Leeds-based junior football team called the 'Churwell Lions', who apparently, despite their name, 'didn't exactly roar'! The team, including Daniel himself, actually appeared in a football game in the first ever edition of the show.

He had a history degree from Cambridge.

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