Some of These Days



David Hamilton (1985-6)

Cliff Michelmore (1987-91)


Scorer: Kate Abercrombie (later series)


BBC Radio 2, 4 February 1985 to 6 August 1991


Panel game looking at events "on this day in history".

It's the format we might expect - rounds about television, music, and the news, plus questions about people for whom this was a special day in previous years. The show ended with a quickfire buzzer round.

Questions were mostly about the recent past, the past 30 years or so. Nominally, questions assigned to the panelists - they worked in two pairs - with bonus marks handed out quite liberally.

An entertaining and fast-paced show, where the aim was to entertain and reminisce through the form of quiz.


David Hamilton

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A sample episode from 18 February 1985.


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