Spanish Archer


"El Bow", played by:

Rhodri Williams

Ruth Madoc


L!VE TV, mid-1990s


A talent show which it would appear existed purely in order to wring as much mileage as possible out of a hoary old bit of wordplay. In schoolboy Spanish, an archer would be called el bow, so to reject somebody - to give them the elbow - is to give them the "Spanish archer". Got that? OK...

So, this talent show is hosted by "El Bow", a Spanish archer. Who, curiously, speaks with a Welsh accent. Even when it's the original El Bow's replacement... who isn't even the same gender as him. Anyway, an act comes on and does their turn. If the act is going badly, El Bow will start waving his arrows around, which is an invitation to the audience to signal their approval or otherwise. If the audience like the act, El Bow steps back and the performer is allowed to complete their alloted three minutes (and is also presented with a seville orange, naturally), but if not, then El Bow fires an arrow at a plywood cutout of a bull, and the performer is literally elbowed off stage by a giant swinging elbow. It may not be much of a gag, but you've got to admire them for going the whole hog. Haven't you? Well, suit yourself.

El Bow introducing a contestant

At the end, the recipients of the oranges are lined up and the audience (or at some points in the run a panel of judges... probably plucked from the studio audience) choose their favourite, who is awarded a straw donkey, and instant obscurity.

Like so much of L!VE TV's output, this was really el cheapo television and probably best appreciated after a glass or two of el vino.


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