Roger Sloman (1984)

Jim Carter (1985)


Sylvester McCoy


Granada for ITV, 26 July 1984 to 1 November 1985 (18 episodes in 2 series)


Memories are a bit vague about this one but we'll give it a shot. Essentially a children's game show with quiz, physical and skill bits to it. A proto-Crystal Maze if you will. Entire programme was set in space with a sage-like galaxy master figure doling out the questions and challenges, with Sylvester McCoy gurning in a sidekick capacity.

In the opening round, the teams were posed with very difficult questions to answer. The team members looked through reference books to find the answers and then - through headphones that the team captains were wearing - they would tell the captain the answer and then the captain would press the buzzer and gave the solution. If they were correct they would score some points.

Other main points of interest: a round where you answered questions while sat on a fairground bull dressed up as a space beast called "the Grunderhunter", and a round where you had to guide a blindfolded teammate to stand on a square grid containing some white squares (for points) while avoiding standing on the red squares (for a penalty).


"Hello and welcome" (which the audience would reply)

"Goodbye and farewell" (which the audience also respond to)


In series 2, the programme had a laserlight tunnel which the presenters came through at the start of the show. They also used laserlights to reveal the scores at the end of each round.

Both series of Starstrider were repeated on Granada Plus in 1997.


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