State Your Case



MacDonald Hobley


Simon Kester (counsel for ABC)


ABC for ITV, 4 November 1956 to 8 June 1957 (32 episodes in 1 series)


The Television Times billing asked if "you could make good use of £100? Of course you could! But can you prove it? ABC will test your case, and the viewers will decide."

In a mock-courtroom scene, the contestant would make their plea for the money, and they would be cross-examined by Simon Kester, in a role trying to prevent the money from being won. The contestant would also be cross-examined by the 'counsel for the contestant' - a different, usually female, person each episode.

The Television Times billing does not give an address for letters, so we must presume that there was some sort of jury in the studio.


Gerry Houghton

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