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Bandicoot Scotland for BBC Scotland, 25 February to 16 August 2019 (16 episodes in 2 series)


Three teams of two go on a road trip through some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes. They're heading for a mystery destination, and are guided by a satellite navigation system.

Along the way, the satnav will ask questions with a few options. The teams turn left or right according to their answer. Later in the show, questions get more options at crossroads or a roundabout.

Turn left for 10%. Turn right for 25%.

Take the correct turn, and the players stick to the shortest route. Give a wrong answer, and the diversion will add three miles to their journey.

Each pair of contestants takes a "pit stop", ten quickfire questions with a mile deducted for each correct answer.

Once everyone's arrived at the finish, the shortest journey wins £500.

Grado combines work with a haircut.

The programme's hosted by Grado, a wrestler-turned-presenter. He's on location in the finish town, and shows us a few of the sights during the show.

A pleasant, if insubstantial, half-hour show.


One of the new shows airing on the newly launched BBC Scotland.

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