The Beat Goes On



Dave Berry


"Boogieberries" (dancers): Simon Barnum, Francine Cornell, Rebecca Leung, Chelsea Inez Seymour, Oliver Wheeler; choreographer, Michele Thorne

House band: Dave Bishop, Paul Dunne, Pete Murray, Steve Pearce, and Ralph Salmins

"Pitch Perfect singers": Mark Daley and Francesca Hoffman


Gallowgate Productions and Group M Entertainment for Channel 5, 24 August to 8 October 2011 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams of three compete in various rounds involving singing and dancing in an attempt to win cash.

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The programme was on the receiving end of some rather unfortunate scheduling, with its first two episodes being broadcast at 11pm on Wednesdays, before it was pulled from the schedules for a few weeks before returning in the not-entirely prime, Sunday 10.30am slot.


Title music by Jumpdancelove.

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