The Biggest Loser UK



Vicki Butler-Henderson (2005-6)

Kate Garraway (2009)

Davina McCall (2011-2)


Fitness trainers:
Mark Bailey (2005-6)
Angie Dowds (2005-11)
Richard Callender (2009-12)
Charlotte Ord (2012)
Rob Edmond (2012)


Shine for LIVINGtv, 6 October 2005 to 27 December 2006 (23 episodes in 2 series)

Shine for ITV1, 27 April 2009 to 13 March 2012 (57 episodes in 3 series)


Twelve overweight individuals (eight couples in the 2009 revival, seven couples from the 2011-2 series) live together, cut-off from the outside world, as they are put through a strenuous exercise regime. During their stay, contestants must complete weekly tasks, cook all of their own meals, and stare temptation in the face as they are offered unhealthy treats. Each week, one person who has lost the least amount of weight (either individually or as part of a team) is eliminated, until only one contestant remains and is crowned, The Biggest Loser.


Based on a US format.


From 2009, the programme dropped the 'UK' from its title, becoming simply, The Biggest Loser.

Part-way through the 2011 series, trainer Angie Dowds was removed from the programme for telling the contestants to crash diet rather than eating healthily while losing weight through exercise. Eventually she apologised the following week and was invited back to the final.


2005 Aaron Howlett
2006 Jodie Prenger
2009 Kevin Sage
2011 Wil Graham
2012 Kevin McLernon

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Angie shouting at the contestants in the gym. There's a lot of this.
Richard shouting at the contestants in the gym. Ditto.
Angie and Richard looking all mean. Yeah, loads of this as well.
Weigh-in time.
The teams' total weight loss this week.
And in the boardroom, one of you is gonna get fired. OK, different show, but same principle.

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