The Blame Game



Tim McGarry


Regulars: Colin Murphy, Jake O'Kane, Neil Delamere

Interviewer: Jacky Adair (does the vox pops and microphone holding)


BBC Radio Ulster, 2005 to present

BBC One Northern Ireland, 2006 to present


Comedy panel show "where news and comedy collide". Each week the regular panel of comics are joined by a special guest and a live studio audience to debate the issues of the day.

The original radio format had more structure to it with rounds à la Have I Got News for You. The TV version is more like a comedy version of Question Time with members of the audience posing questions to be taken apart by the panel.

Despite the cheap look, the quality of the craic is rather good and much less pre-prepared than many shows of its type.

Web links

BBC programme page (Radio version)

BBC programme page (TV version)

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