The Love Trap



Joel Dommett


Great Scott Media for Channel 4, 21 October to 8 December 2021 (8 episodes in 1 series)


A Channel 4 press release dropped from a hole in the ceiling.

In the modern world of dating, it's harder than ever before to know who to trust. Now this brand-new reality-gameshow hybrid ingeniously subverts familiar dating show tropes in order to explore just how good we all are at spotting a genuine connection.
Comedian and presenter Joel Dommett presides over The Love Trap, as twelve women do all they can over a series of dates to win the affection of one single man. In a twist, only half of the women want to win our bachelor’s heart, the other half want to stay in the game to be one step closer to winning a big cash prize. Successfully enticing our single man means they also avoid the elimination at the end of each episode when one suspected love trap will be dumped, quite literally, through the trap door.

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Not to be confused with the 2007 dating show of the same name.

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Ready to Mingle, a similar show aired on ITV2 a few months earlier - to great indifference.


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