The Olympic Game



Steve Rider


Daley Thompson and Steve Cram


BBC1, 12 June to 19 July 1996 (6 episodes in 1 series)


This was a show which celebrated the Atlanta Olympics of 1996. Obviously. For five weeks leading up to the games, this A Question of Sport-esque quiz turned up to brighten up our Friday evenings. Or something like that.

And here's a shock - a British team is always going to win! Hurrah, and that's because our team captains are none other than Daley 'Daley' Thompson and Steve 'We Think' Cram, and they would be paired up with random British Olympian heroes #7 and #9 (yes, we do have some. Well, Steve Redgrave). They would then be forced to do a quiz, whether they wanted to or not.

We don't remember many of the rounds. The last round was inevitably a sprint buzzer round, and there was one round that took off the QoS Home or Away thing by asking our players questions classed as 'Bronze, Silver and Gold' and having to get a Bronze question correct to get a three-point silver question to get a five-point scoring gold question.

The other round which we remember was the actually-original-even-if-you've-seen-it-before Olympic Rings, where three sporting faces would fill the top rings and two objects would fill the bottom. The question was: which of the two objects connects two of the faces and why. A kind of Double Acrostic of Odd One Out rounds if you must.

Unsurprisingly didn't get a second series, but then it would have been stupid if they did it the next year anyway.


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