The Quack Chat Show



Keith Harris


Orville the Duck, Cuddles the Monkey


BBC1, 16 February 1989 to 10 June 1991 (35 episodes in 4 series)


In one of the games on The Quack Chat Show, two kids competing against each other would be seated on either side of a bubbling gunge pool, named the "Yucky Mucky Duck Pond". Dressed in green duck suits, complete with head masks, they would try to fish out as many hooked rubber ducks as they could with a rod in a set time. Whoever had the least number of ducks fished out when the time was up would face punishment. The seat that they're sat in would be tilted forward by Keith, where they'd then have no choice but to slide off and drop into the pool. Each and every week, the winner would also expect to get pushed in by Keith!

In amongst other games in the show, one involved Cuddles the Monkey, where contestants had to roll coconuts in a bagatelle-style game. The losers were made to eat what was supposed to be digusting types of nosh served to them in a silver tray and dome. Another game had a bunch of schoolkids in a dungeon and somehow got slop dropped on them, but the mechanics of the game are sketchy.


"Let's Dip the Duck!!!"

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