The Question Jury



"The Judge" (herself)


Monkey for Channel 4, 11 July 2016 to 11 August 2017 (40 episodes in 2 series)


Seven strangers gather in a room. They're asked a series of trivia questions, and all are required to agree on an answer. One person emerges to face the final question, and that person can win the day's prize.

The Question Jury Today's panel are assembled.

Most of the programme is taken up with seven questions - two each for £500, £1000, and £1500, and one worth £2000. Each member of the jury is "foreman" for one question. These questions have many possible answers, and it's up to the jury to work towards the correct answer.

After every two questions, there's a quickfire round - 90 seconds, up to 10 questions, no passes allowed. The rules become more restrictive: first time round, one player is required to be silent. Second pass, three players are to be silent. Third pass, three are silent and the round ends on the first wrong answer. £50 for each correct answer, £100 on the final round.

There's up to £10,000 in the prize fund, and usually around £4000. This money may not be won.

After all the questions are asked, players who think they've earned the chance to face the final question stand up. A vote amongst the seated players decides who will go for the money. One last all-or-nothing question decides the winner.

The Question Jury Players collect questions from around the door.

The quiz is interesting in itself, but it's also a means to get into people's heads, to bring out their character, and to demonstrate styles of debate. Some of the plot lines are developed within the episode, others over the week, and some pass along naturally.

The jury room is fitted out with many small cameras with locked shots. This "fixed rig" is fashionable for observational documentaries but unusual for game shows.

Many little problems emerged. All jurors are discharged after the Friday show, which feels unfair to late-comers. The show has a fixed pace, with little room to reflect a long or detailed discussion. Questions were long, and sometimes misleading. None of these factors are fatal, all can be remedied.

Theme music

Rumble Music Ltd is credited for "Music"


The first series aired in the 4pm slot opposite Tipping Point on the other side, while the second series aired an hour earlier at 3pm.

The Judge only communicates via the intercom, and she never appears on screen.

There's also a male narrator, who doesn't get a credit on screen.

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