The Sensible Show



Matthew Kelly


Granada for ITV, 8 July to 19 August 1984 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Clever and inventive knockout game show that never really got the attention it deserved.

A young Matthew Kelly cajoles contestants (who were in pairs, if memory serves) into a variety of games based around the human senses. However, this is to be read in the widest possible sense (pun intended) because the games wouldn't just be limited to sight, hearing, touch and so on but also a sense of balance, fashion sense, common sense and so on.

Some example games to give you the idea: One game involved tasting jelly (or was it drinks?) that had been coloured 'wrongly' so your brain was telling you that the red jelly was strawberry when in fact it tasted of blackcurrant. Another game involved painting different paints in a specific order from lightest to darkest - cleverly, Matthew turned the TV screen into a black and white signal with a click of his fingers to check the contestants' answers. In the Backwards Olympics, the contestants had to do things like throw darts at a board while hanging upside-down.

Other point of note: there was an interesting semi-circular scoreboard which lit up in an orange segment-type fashion.


"Let's be sensible"


The producer was David Liddiment (ITV entertainment boss-to-be). And Oracle subtitles were on page 170, natch.


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