The Villa



Mark Little (1999-2002)
Chris Moyles (2003)


Talent TV for Sky One, 13 November 1999 to 2003


You'd think that a game show based around the fame and fortune of football team Aston Villa would be very dull wouldn't you? Well, you'd be very right. Besides, Sky are far too interested in The World's Greatest Soccer Team (TM) Manchester United (TM) to even bother with it.

Lucky, then, that they have instead bought up a villa in that place of the uber-cool/crap Ibiza for a show that's a bit like Big Brother meets Blind Date. The results can be surprisingly entertaining. They get four men and four women together in this villa wired up with cameras and hopefully they're there to make love, not war. Of course, it's vastly more entertaining when they are making war but that's another story.

File:Villa pool.jpgThis week's motley crew of 'gagging for it' contestants

To add that little bit of extra interest to it, the Computer (read: the researchers) have predicted who would be shagging who by the end of their week holiday and we keep up with the progress of how well the computer is doing throughout the show. It's a quite pointless addition, but quite an entertaining one especially at the end when the Computer reveals who it thought would be going at it with whom to the contestants so they can show their love/shock/surprise/disgust. Yep, it's a reaction-based hilarity show!

Throughout the proceedings, Australian actor #47 (Mark Little) adds some frankly pointless voiceover to string the video tape together. What little progress there is over the entire hour (an hour!) involves the participants following an itinerary of activities made up of (a) drinking, (b) clubbing, (c) copping off with each other or (d) all three.

Overall, this is a show that you feel a bit guilty for watching, but since it's all done rather slickly, particularly with the computers-eye view of the proceedings, you feel that for a Sky effort this ain't bad.


From an idea by David Moore


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