Top Banana



Mike Brosnan


Captain Keyboard


TV-am, 1990 (26 episodes)


Top Banana was a Saturday morning kids show set in a jungle. The final part of which was a board game of sorts, where Australian Mike Brosnan invited kids to spin a big banana wheel and answer a question on whatever subject that came up (Captain Keyboard would play a sting depending on which category came up). The kids could choose the difficulty of question which determined how many areas of the jungle they could go through. They had to try and not land in the swamp, lest they have to stand around in a pool of gunge whilst they wait their turn again.

Contestants could ask for a "piece of cake" which meant they got an easier question but had to answer while eating a bit of cake. Who said talking with your mouth full was wrong?

There was a girl called Peanut who came in half way through and gave cake to all the losers.

The aim was to reach the top of a mountain, where a monkey puppet would give them a golden banana or a prize of some sort.


Whenever a sports question was spun: "(high pitched) PING PONG! (low pitched) Good shot!"

Likewise, for a film question: "(high) pop pop pop pop pop (low) CORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!"


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