Trick or Treat



Mike Smith


Julian Clary


LWT in association with Talbot Television and Hatos Hall for ITV, 7 January to 25 March 1989 (12 episodes in 1 series)


Brilliant Let's Make a Deal sort of show. Mike Smith with Julian Clary would go through the audience and play random games of luck and/or skill with them, the winners of which would go through to the grand final to win either a really good or really pointless prize. Good prizes include cars and caravans, and bad ones include 24 carrot necklaces (no, that isn't a spelling mistake) or a car which sadly got crashed trying to get into the studio, that kind of thing.

To win, they would have to suffer a mild practical joke, for example - guarding the necklace would be a sophisticated security system (a couple of water pistols) and to get to it, the four contestants would have to swipe a card through a system, one of which would disable it and the others meaning they get a bit wet and are out of the game. Julian would bring the contestants on with the cards then "go and lie down in a darkened room". The first contestant would have a go, get a bit wet then go back into the audience, at which point - every single week! - Julian would come back saying "well, I'm awfully sorry but I've just this minute found another card...", but of course it was too late for the first contestant!

This show was good fun, usually quite funny and had plenty of surprises.


Based on the US format Let's Make a Deal.


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