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Scott Mills


BBC Online and BBC Three, 4 February - 30 March 2008


To mark the relaunch of BBC3 as an interactive, up-to-the-minute digitally-hip channel, they took over Millennium Square in Bristol's harbour for two months of new talent.

Would-be stars uploaded their audition video to the Upstaged website, where they were cheered on, jeered at, and generally criticised by the various Upstaged webheads. The most popular amongst the interactive contributors were invited to strut their stuff on stage in Bristol.

The objective wasn't to entertain for the length of someone else's song, or the duration of a BBC Three controller's attention span (whichever is the shorter), but for six hours. Not for this show the three-minute culture of Let Me Entertain You, nor the brief exhibitions of When Will I be Famous?. No. This asked the performers to entertain for six hours. Six. Whole. Hours. Get an audience, keep them entertained, get them voting. The daily winner comes back the next day to do it all over agin.

The first five weeks of this exercise were primarily conducted over the web; daily television broadcasts began on 10 March, and ran through the Easter weekend.

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